LEED®認証取得コンサルティングLEED Consulting Services(English)

About Us

We are a professional firm of consultants, engineers and technical specialists who provide wide range of services including green building certification consulting, energy analysis, software development and evacuation safety consulting. Our mission is to contribute to the comfortable and safe society through our professional services.

Our Services

From energy analysis to green building consultant, evacuation safety consulting and software development, we always keep in mind to provide the highest quality services.

  • LEED certification consulting
  • CASBEE®*1 certification consulting
  • Building energy analysis and regulation*2 commitment support
  • Residential Performance Evaluation System submission support
  • Long-life quality housing submission support
  • Local governments’ green building regulations*3 submission support
  • Evacuation safety verification method consulting
  • Disaster prevention plan support
  • Building services package software development and sale
  • Custom-made software development

*1: Green building certification program developed in Japan. LEED and BREEAM are often mentioned as similar programs to CASBEE.
*2: Energy Act on the Rational Use of Energy
*3: Green Building Program of Tokyo Metropolitan Government and CASBEE Municipality.

LEED Consulting

LEED, Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, is a green building certification program developed in the US. Although Japanese counterpart CASBEE has been more popular in Japan since its establishment in 2002, the number of LEED certificated building is increasing in the last few years. Both programs have own benefits to pursue, but the main goal is the same: making society more sustainable. It is up to an owner’s marketing strategy and/or principle which program, or both programs, to carry out. Izumi System Planning Inc. earned credibility from developers, designers, engineers and reviewers, consulting 68 projects (as of February 2015) out of 288 CASBEE for Building certified*4 projects (as of 3rd July 2015, www.ibec.or.jp). It hires professionals with wide range of backgrounds – architects, building services engineers, energy analysts and environmental advisors including CASBEE APs and LEED APs. Most importantly, we are passionate about making buildings more comfortable, sustainable and valuable. CASBEE or LEED, our philosophy remains the same when we work on. LEED consulting is relatively a new business in Japan, and our firm is one of the few to provide the services. With the deep knowledge of sustainability, built environment and the construction business in Japan, we are willing to support a project team to reach its sustainability goal successfully.

*4: The figure is on certified CASBEE for Building (New Construction, Existing Building and Renovation) excluding that of CASBEE for Municipality that is enacted by prefectures and cities. We also have provided consulting services to a large number of projects.